Record Challenge: Ventotene-Carthage

Matteo Miceli and Mario Girelli will challenge the Wally Record Ventotene-Carthage

Next December, as soon as the Marine Weather conditions are favourable, Matteo Miceli and Mario Girelli aboard ECO 40 will challenge the Wally Record Ventotene-Carthage established in 2009 by Andrea Mura with Vento di Sardegna in 31h40'20'', over the distance of 277 nautical miles. The record is part of the Carthago Dilecta Est, the regatta organized by Circolo Velico Ventotene for the last 20 years.

The Challenge

ScireMundi Yacht Charter is aiming to break the record by asking Matteo Miceli and Mario Girelli to take on the challenge with the aim to bring a great message of peace and cooperation among the people of the Mediterranean Sea, especially in this phase characterized by Covid 19 and prejudices that are hindering the freedom of navigation of the seas. The two sailors, on board ECO 40, will be carriers of a message of eco-sustainability and complete energy self-sufficiency.

The Boat

Matteo Miceli's ECO 40 boat, is the only Class 40 totally eco-sustainable, with a past experience of a world tour without stopovers and without the use of any fossil fuel. It is committed to breaking the record and will be the protagonist of a fascinating challenge, unique in its kind, between two symbolic places of the history and culture of the Mediterranean, from Ventotene - Island of Europe to Carthage, a symbol of history.

Sponsors and Patronage

The Record Ventotene - Carthage, the Carthago Dilecta Est Regatta and the ECO 40 boat have institutional patronage and sponsors that support the events. The sponsors of the Record and of the Carthago Dilecta Est Regatta are: the Embassy of Italy in Tunisia, the Embassy of Tunisia in Italy, the ONTT (Tunisian National Tourist Board), the Lazio Region. The Tunisian and Italian Sailing Federations, the Circolo Velico Ventotene, the Club Nautique and the Sidi Bou Said Marina, UDICER Nautitest Tunisie, the Port of Hammamet, the Arce Diagnostic Center, PGS are all collaborating for the success of the event both in Tunisia and in Italy.

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Technical sponsors:
Balance - 3FL - Garmin – Intermatica - Smart Skipper – Solbian - Traiana Nautica 91 - Kaitek Flash Battery - Marlin Yacht Paints - Sita Compositi – Osculati – Spillock - Porto Turistico Riva di Traiano – Elantas - Sail Addiction - - Ad Brand.It - Schenker - UBI Maior - Armare - Cantieristica Navale Riva di Traiano


At the first favourable weather window Miceli and Girelli will start from departure line in front of the port of Ventotene, with coordinates 40°48'160N and 13°26'130E, to reach the arrival line at the port of Sidi Bou Said, with coordinates 36°51'795N and 10°21'560E.

History of the Wally Record

The history of the Record is linked to that of the Carthago Dilecta Est regatta organized by the Circolo Velico Ventotene.

Wally Record Ventotene-Carthage

Wally has sponsored three speed records since the late 1990s, including the Ventotene-Carthage record combined with the Carthago Dilecta Est regatta. The record can be challenged at any time by contacting the Circolo Velico Ventotene. In 2001 the first Ventotene Carthage record holder was Sandro Buzzi with the Junoplano boat who set it to 44h18m37s and was awarded at the Embassy of Italy in Tunisia. In 2006, Francesco Manzoli set the new record with the Cotonella Trimaran in 39h59m40s. In 2009 Andrea Mura set the new record with Vento di Sardegna in 31h40m20s .

Other records sponsored by wally

1) Monaco-Porto Cervo (185 miles)), recognized by the WSSRC, organized by the Yacht Club Monaco and the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda;
2) Monaco-Saint Tropez (45 miles)or vice versa, organized by the Yacht Club Monaco and the Société Nautique de St. Tropez.

The Protagonist

Matteo Miceli, solo navigator, has sailed around the world aboard ECO 40, without stop and assistance in complete energy and food self-sufficiency. He is a solo record holder in an uninhabitable 6-meter catamaran from the Canary Islands to Guadalupe.
Mario Girelli, solo navigator and holder of two records connected to Carthago, the Rome-Carthage and the Rome-Hammamet.
The two sailors will contribute with their enterprise to build a bridge between the two shores of the Mediterranean.

The Record Challenge will be live on the web site with the online tracking system

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3 December 2020::
Circolo Velico Ventotene presents the Ventotene-Carthage Record on the Tunisian National Radio.
Listen to the recording (Click on Player 1)

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